Creative and Unique Gender Reveals

Sky Lanterns 

Using sky lanterns are a unique and easy way to reveal the gender of your child. Coming in blue and pink with “its a boy” & “its a girl” these lanterns will fill the sky during your reveal. Making the reveal easy, just light the ignition disk and hold the lantern while it fills with warm air. After a few seconds, it will become buoyant and take flight. After 3 minutes, the disk burns out and cools down before returning to earth. These biodegradable lanterns are a great way to celebrate any occasion.

PLEASE NOTE that in some states and local jurisdictions there may be a ban on the use of sky lanterns. Prior to placing your order, please consult the laws, rules, and regulations of your particular state and local jurisdiction.  


A creative and fun option is to use Smoke to reveal the gender of your bundle of joy. Perfect for adding that pop of color to your gender reveal photos. 

Confetti Cannon 

Share your big news with a burst of color! Confetti Cannons are great for photos and for a daytime reveal! 

Cakes (The Firework Kind)

Cakes are a great way to share the gender of your child with your friends and family. Use food coloring in the batter of the cake before baking and decorate the cake in a neutral color. Top the cake with Ice Fountain Sparklers to make the anticipation of cutting the cake even greater! Ice Fountain Sparklers are also known as bottle sparklers or cake sparklers and can be added to any celebration. These sparklers have a 35-second duration which will keep your friends and family entertained and excited to learn the gender of your child. 

Pro tip: if you want to keep the gender a secret for yourself have your doctor write down the gender and put it in an envelope for the bakery to open while they are preparing your cake. 


The perfect way to make your big announcement. Entertain your crowd with a wonderful fireworks show before the all pink or all blue finale shares your big news. There are a bunch of different options great for anyone’s budget!

One option is the Gender Reveal Firework Show by Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks. This option is great for anyone who wants to have a big show during their gender reveal. This 4-minute show Includes everything you need for your show including fuse and instructions. 

Another great option is It’s a Buck and It’s a Doe by Realtree Fireworks  It's a buck has brilliant blue brakes fade to gold glitter. These breaks are big and bold! It’s a Doe has colorful breaks of pink pearls accentuated with gold glitter. Both of these cakes have a 40-second duration great for those looking for a smaller show. 

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