The Most Unique Wedding Exit | Using Fountains at Your Wedding

For brides looking for a unique and show-stopping exit that will leave her guest in awe (and jealousy) look no further than a fountain exit. Your guests will be amazed by the flashy pyrotechnics. An outdoor fountain aisle is a great hands-off approach to limit risks for your guest. Picture perfect for an exit by car or on foot! By creating a large aisle and positioning your guest far enough away your experience should be stress-free!

A very important aspect of the fountain exit is the safety fuse. Fusing the fountains together will keep the fountain aisle going for longer as well as preventing the massive amount of work that lighting each fountain individually would be. While it takes a little extra work in preparation in order to fuse all of the fountains together. It will be smoother for you and your guest at the end of your special day!  I suggest using a fast fuse, either 1 second or 3 seconds per foot. Spirit of '76 has great fuses for you to work with at a great price.

Gold Flitter Fountain (30sec)

Old Faithful - 8" Conic

Eyes On U

Before you purchase fountains for your beautiful fountain exit, make sure you check whether you can have them at your venue. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

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