Top Wedding Venue Questions People Forget to Ask

When you're planning your wedding there are a lot of questions. Everyone will be asking you questions, as the bride. You should be asking a lot of questions. You should have questions for each and every person who plays a part in your big day. Here are a few questions that might slip your mind, but you should ask when touring your reception venue.

1. How many people can the venue accommodate?


This is important when determining your guest list. You definitely don't want to be over capacity, but you also don't want to be crammed in the space. The venue will have a fire code number, but they should also have an idea of the number that will be comfortable in the space. 

2. What kind of services do you provide? Who will be on staff the day before and the day of?


Some venues provide food and drink for an added fee. Some require you to find your own caterer. The same goes for the DJ. You may also want to check to see if tables and chairs are provided. Most wedding venues have them, but some (especially unconventional wedding venues) do not. Another question is who will be your point person at the venue to help and answer questions the day before and day of. Some venues will provide this person, some will not. You have to ask in order to find out.

3. What are we allowed to and not allowed to do decorating-wise?


For my friend's wedding, she wanted fairy lights all over the reception venue, but they asked the venue and they did not allow tape on the walls at all. We had to connect the lights to the ceiling tiles using paper clips and to the walls using pushpins. Had they not asked this question, and if we had used tape, they would have lost their security deposit. There are lots of little rules and regulations that you should find out before you accidentally break them.

4. What is your inclement weather policy? (For outdoor venues)


This is very important, for obvious reasons. Some venues will have their own policy - like a building on the property or a sister venue. Some venues do not have a plan and you'll have to make your own plan.

5. Are we allowed to have fireworks or sparklers?


If you plan on having a sparkler or firework exit, you'll have to check with the venue to see if you can conduct that on property. Some venues will allow sparklers, but not fireworks. Some won't allow either. Make sure your venue knows that you are planning on using fireworks or sparklers.

If you have any other questions about your venue, don't be afraid to ask. The people running your venue are there to help.

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