Wedding Fireworks FAQ

If fireworks are your jam, below are some frequently asked questions about wedding fireworks:


 1. How much does it cost to have fireworks at my wedding?

Prices will vary based on the location and desired display. If consumer fireworks can be legally and safely shot at your venue, fireworks can cost as little as a few hundred dollars and can be shot off by an attendee of your wedding. Spirit of 76 offers a massive selection of great consumer fireworks that can light up your wedding.

Some venues may require a professional company to provide the service. Depending on your venue, budgets start at about $1500 for a brief barrage of fireworks. Larger displays and pyromusicals can cost several thousand dollars depending on the duration and size of the display.


 2. Can fireworks be done indoors?

Fireworks are mostly an outdoor activity. However, there are some pyrotechnic effects such as fountains or gerbs that could be used indoors to highlight your entrance or first dance. Indoor fireworks should only be handled by a professional. For more information, please consult a professional fireworks company.


 3. Do I need a permit to shoot fireworks?

The need for a permit will depend on the type of fireworks you are shooting and the venue. State and local laws will vary. If you aren’t sure, start by contacting your venue or a local fireworks company.


 4. Are fireworks dangerous for my guests?

Fireworks are a safe form of entertainment if safety guidelines are followed. Always leave plenty of room between the fireworks and your guests.  If you aren’t sure, hire professionals that will set up a safe show for you.


 5. How long should my wedding fireworks show be?

Wedding days are usually rather busy events, so we recommend a show that is no longer than 10 minutes.


 6. Should I play music during my wedding fireworks show?

Fireworks displays can always benefit from some music. If shooting a basic show, some fun music played in the background will enhance the excitement.

If you have the budget, a pyromusical display custom choreographed to the music of your choice is the ultimate wedding flex.


 7. Where can I get sparklers for my wedding?

Wedding Sparklers offers a wide array of wedding sparklers and accessories. Remember, sparklers should only be used outdoors and in a safe environment. 


 8. How far ahead of time should I plan a fireworks show?

Like anything related to a wedding, the earlier the planning is done, the better. Depending on your location, the permitting process may require at least 30 to 90 days of notice.


9. Can fireworks be affected by weather?

While fireworks are not ideal in rainy conditions, a professional company will be able to set up and fire in rain if necessary. High winds and lightning  might force a fireworks display cancellation.


10. Where can I buy fireworks from for my wedding?

Spirit of '76 has a wide variety of fireworks from novelist fireworks to professional fireworks available to purchase at wholesale prices.